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The Difference Between Sofa vs Couch: Which is Suitable for Your Home?

Sofa vs Couch
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The terms sofa and couch are often confused because they are assumed to be the same. Even though the intended usage is identical, the two furnishings are slightly different in some aspects, so sofa vs couch can be compared.

If you are bewildered about which is more suitable for your home, let’s review the differences through this article.

What is a Sofa?

what is sofa

“Suffah” is the Arabic word that inspired the use of the term sofa, which means a long seat made of brick or stone.

Meanwhile, a sofa is generally a component of furniture planned for seating that can accommodate four or more individuals because of its extended shape.

Apart from having a seat, the sofa also provides armrests and backs to provide more comfort. This furniture can also be used for napping, not only as a place to sit but also for napping, considering its size is quite long.

Some types of sofas that are popular today are:

  • Corner sofa set: a sofa that fits perfectly in the corner of the room, thereby maximizing the use of space in the house
  • L-shaped sofa: It is shaped like the letter L and can also be placed in the corner of the room
  • 3+2+1 Sofa set: This sofa set consists of a two-seater sofa, a three-seater sofa, and a single-seater armchair. Suitable for big spaces and homes with large families

What is a Couch

“Couche” is the Fench word that inspired the term couch, meaning lying down. Meanwhile, a couch is typically a non-formal version of a sofa.

Where the function is the same as a place to sit or relax, so it is often called a lazy chair. Usually, a couch does not have arms and can accommodate less than a sofa, a maximum of three people.

Some types of couches that are popular today are:

  • Modular couch: this couch consists of some separate parts so that you can arrange it according to your wishes
  • Sleeper couch: useful as a seat and bed. Because there is usually a hidden folding mattress, many people use it as a spare bed.
  • Chaise lounge: Long with fabric upholstery, suitable for lying down or relaxing

Sofa vs Couch: Key Differences

sofa and couch differences

If the definition of sofa and couch above is still quite confusing, then please check the following sofa and couch differences:

1. Design

Visually, the sofa design looks quite detailed and varied, so many options are on the market. It often makes the sofa one of the main points in the interior because it can emphasize a particular impression.

On the contrary, couch layouts are more casual and straightforward, focusing on user comfort.

2. Functional Aspect

Sofas frequently act as formal furnishings, which makes their presence look more classy. Sofas are commonly used for more formal activities, such as seating for guests.

Meanwhile, couches are primarily utilized to provide convenience and are more casual. It makes couches more used for relaxing or lazing around.

3. Placement

Sofas are primarily placed in formal spaces, such as the living room or workspace at home. Meanwhile, couches will be easy to find in the family, study, playroom, or other relaxing areas.

4. Convenience

Both are equally comfortable, depending on the material you choose. However, the back and cushions on the sofa generally feel more sturdy. This allows users to sit calmly and upright.

Meanwhile, the couch has softer cushions, making it suitable for relaxing the body while resting.

5. Armrest

The armrests on sofas are usually softer and firmer to make the user feel comfortable overall. Meanwhile, the couch has no armrests, so the focus of comfort is on the body area.

6. Size

The sofa is more extensive and longer than a couch because its primary function is as a place to sit together. Usually, the capacity of a sofa is around four people. Some luxury sofas can accommodate even more people.

A couch is smaller than a sofa, which can only accommodate two to three people.

7. Price

In general, the price of a sofa is more expensive than a couch. This is because the materials used are more expensive and of higher quality. Apart from that, because of their complicated designs, sofa prices also tend to be more expensive.

Meanwhile, couches can be cheaper because the latest couch designs are more straightforward. The material is also not too expensive.

Sofa vs Couch: How to Choose?

Sofa vs Couch

You must consider several factors to determine which is suitable for your home. Whether this furniture is suitable or not depends on the needs and preferences of the user.

Choose a sofa if you want to place it in a formal living room. Meanwhile, if the theme of your living room is relaxed, then a couch is the right choice.

A sofa is also more suitable if you also want to use the seat as a bed or relax. Apart from the relaxed design, the seating area is softer and more flexible, providing extra comfort.

So, to determine the best choice for couch vs sofa, consider function, placement, and several other aspects.

If you have seen all the information about sofa vs couch, please make your best choice now. Using only premium quality and involving the greatest of manufacturing processes, you can find the best sofas and couches at contact us now!

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