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Certification SLVK

Indonesian Legal Wood

SVLK stands for Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu, which translates to the Timber Legality Verification System. It is an Indonesian government initiative aimed at combating illegal logging and promoting sustainable forestry practices in the country. SVLK is also known as the Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance System (TLAS).

Here are some key points about SVLK:


The main objective of SVLK is to ensure that the timber and timber products produced and exported from Indonesia originate from legal and sustainable sources. It helps to prevent illegal logging, deforestation, and associated environmental and social issues.

Verification Process

SVLK establishes a comprehensive verification process to assess the legality and sustainability of timber products. It involves auditing and evaluating the entire timber supply chain, including forest concessions, timber processing, and trade activities.


Through the SVLK, timber and timber product companies can obtain certification known as the Indonesian Timber Legality Certificate (Sertifikat Legalitas Kayu, or SILK). This certification demonstrates compliance with legal and sustainability requirements and allows companies to export their products to international markets.

Multi-Stakeholder Involvement

SVLK involves various stakeholders, including government agencies, industry associations, civil society organizations, and local communities. Collaboration among these stakeholders is crucial to effectively implement and monitor the SVLK system.

International Recognition

SVLK has gained international recognition as a credible timber legality verification system. It has been acknowledged by the European Union (EU) through the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) under the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance, and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan. The VPA allows Indonesian timber products with SILK certification to enter the EU market without additional due diligence requirements.

Environmental and Social Benefits

SVLK aims to promote sustainable forestry practices and protect the environment. It helps conserve forests, mitigate climate change, and preserve biodiversity. Additionally, SVLK emphasizes social aspects by ensuring the rights of local communities and promoting fair and responsible practices within the timber industry.

Continuous Improvement

SVLK is an evolving system that undergoes periodic evaluations and improvements. Regular audits and monitoring help identify areas for enhancement and ensure the system's effectiveness in achieving its objectives.

SVLK plays a significant role in promoting legal and sustainable timber trade in Indonesia and contributes to global efforts in combating illegal logging and protecting valuable forest resources.

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