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What is Patio: A Playful & Cozy Small Addition to Your Home

What is Patio
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Enjoying time with your family on the patio in the afternoon is one way to improve relationships and calm yourself. Small talk, discussing something, or just sitting and soaking the blissful vibes are the best things to do while in this area. But what is patio?

To find the answer, we have summarized what patio means, its characteristics, advantages, and tips for creating a comfortable outdoor patio for your home. Check the complete information and details!

What is a Patio

The term patio comes from Spanish, meaning the yard of a house or building.

Meanwhile, in architecture, a patio is an additional area outside the house created for entertainment or recreation.

The room has no walls, so when you look at it, the patio area acts as a transition between the exterior and interior of the house. The distance between the ground surface and the patio is not too far, so the transition between them is not too striking.

Most patio house designs are in the backyard or near a garden. However, there is no prohibition on building a patio next to the house. There are no official rules regarding this patio’s location because it considers the homeowner’s needs, preferences, and ground availability.

Generally, patios for backyards have flat floors made of tiles, concrete, brick, or stone.

This material helps provide a stable and robust foundation because you will arrange various patio furniture later. Some typical patio outdoor furniture are chairs, dining tables, barbeque grills, and more.

Characteristics of Patio

Some patio characteristics that are often found include:

1. Location

The patio’s location is behind the house, close to the back garden. This is an excellent choice because the area feels more private and quiet than in front of the house.

However, as previously explained, building a patio in front of and next to the house is also okay if your front land doesn’t fit.

2. Size

Some experts recommend making a patio between 40 m2 to 50 m2.

There are no standard rules regarding patio size because it depends on the size of your land and house. Please consider the ideal size for your intended use, garden size, and preferences.

3. Construction

The patio is built on a flat ground surface. It uses a strong foundation so that no pools of water rise and disturb the user’s comfort.

Overall, the patio area has almost no walls at all. Even if there are walls, they are made low to avoid water splashes when it rains. There is no ideal design standard because it depends on the homeowner’s preferences.

4. Furniture

As an area for the family to relax or welcome guests, the patio has several main furniture components. Some are seats, tables, decorations, rugs, and lighting. Apart from this furniture, you can also add other furniture to complete the patio.

Benefits of Having a Patio

what is patio

Some of the advantages you get when building a patio are:

1. Expand the Family Area

The patio is often referred to as a second living room. This is because its presence can make family members feel more relaxed outside the house, especially when the weather is hot.  Here you and your family can relax or even work.

2. Adding entertainment facilities

Instead of a less spacious and accessible area inside the house, you can hold a party with family and friends on the patio. Everyone can tell stories or do activities freely without worrying about damaging the furniture.

3. Increase home value

A house with a patio has charm, especially for prospective buyers who are deliberately looking for it. This can increase the selling price and deal with potential buyers.

4. Low maintenance

Compared to other outdoor components, such as lawns and gardens, patios are less maintenance-intensive. If you are diligent enough to clean it and repair it immediately, even if there is even the slightest damage, your patio can last for years.

5. Connect with Nature

When you are on the patio, you will be closer to nature, such as the singing of birds, the smell of plants, the sound of rain, and others.

6. Improves Health

As you know, morning sunlight is perfect for maintaining the body’s natural metabolism of vitamin D. Your access to sunlight is more open for relaxing or working on the patio.

The sunlight on the patio is also not hot, so you will feel more comfortable.

7. Decorate the House

A beautiful and aesthetic patio can also make your home look more attractive, especially when seen by others passing by.

Tips for Creating a Comfortable Patio

To get the best patio for your home, follow these tips:

1. Use Furniture that Can Withstand Various Weather Conditions

Because the patio is very quickly exposed to sunlight or rain, choose furniture that can withstand various weather conditions. That way, the furniture’s color, texture, and quality remain optimal and last long.

2. Choose Ergonomic Furniture

Apart from being resistant to various weather conditions, make sure you also choose ergonomic furniture. This feature can make the body feel more comfortable while here because the design adapts to the condition of the human body.

3. Consider Aesthetics and Comfort

Apart from considering an aesthetic patio, make sure you also consider its comfort. Therefore, when considering buying furniture or decoration, consider both.

Then, when arranging it, ensure each piece of furniture doesn’t hinder movement when there are many people.

4. Add Lighting

Give your patio adequate lighting so that it remains comfortable to use at night.

Apart from considering using various types of artificial lights, you can also add torches to create a natural and romantic impression. If using a natural torch, ensure safety, such as placing a water source as close as possible.

5. Add Plants

Add some plants to make the patio area look good and blend with the outside area. You can place plants that require minimal maintenance, such as cacti. If you are too busy caring for plants, use fake plants.

If you already know detailed information about what is patio, then immediately prepare your patio. Find various quality and aesthetic furniture at Teakia to build your dream patio. Contact us now for consultation and purchase!

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