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Sofa Buying Guide: What to Consider & How to Choose the Best One

Sofa Buying Guide
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How to choose a sofa that will last? Whether you’re seeking a timeless, elegant, sophisticated-edgy, or cozy sofa, make sure you read this sofa-buying guide.

We have prepared some of the most valuable tips for buying sofas through the article below. Check out the details!

What to Consider Before Buying a Sofa

Sofa Buying Guide

Before picking up furnishings for your house, some of the things that you must consider are:

1. Try The Sofa

Try directly on the sofa companies or stores, which will help you consider something invisible.

You can try to feel some things when you try the sofa, such as the depth, base height, backrest length, and other things you need. Those things have no standard rules because it depends on your necessities, convenience, and preferences.

2. Check The Cushions

If your sofa includes pillows, ensure the component inside is comfortable to employ as a head base or back. It would be best to select a pillow that combines foam and feathers because it is more tender and durable.

3. Choose a Quality Frame

One of the basic things in the furniture buying guide is to select quality sofa-frame material. Best-quality sofa structures will be more durable and comfortable.

When buying furniture for the house, you can choose a solid wood frame because it is generally of higher grade, durable, and not too dangerous if suddenly cracked.

4. Prepare Your Budget

One of the common mistakes when buying a sofa is not calculating the budget optimally. Sometimes, you lack a budget or even over budget.

Prepare suitable funding to allocate the money and not interfere with different expenses. With a predetermined budget, you can discover the proper sofa recommendations and still afford them.

5. Sofa Models

Consider the sofa model that can be in harmony with the shades or shapes of the room. Some popular sofa models are Corner Sofa Set, 3+2+1 Set, and L-shaped sofa.

6. Personal Preferences

Finally, make sure the sofa you pick according to your tastes, whether based on the model, size, fabric, or shade.

You should consider measuring the furniture and entryways. When you do not take measurements, the furniture cannot enter the house when the item is too large.

So here is what you can do:

  1. First, measure the proportions of the sofa that you want to purchase. The measurements are related to width, height, depth, and diagonal.
  2. After that, measure your entryways, such as stairs, hallways, and entrances. When calculating those areas, also check width, height, and clearance.
  3. When you already know the proportions of the sofa and entryways, make sure all the components fit. Confirm that the entrance width is bigger and broader than the sofa depth, height, or diagonal depth.

Remember that the space for placing also has to fit the size of the sofa you will purchase.

Choosing The Sofa Style

Sofa Buying Guide

When choosing a sofa style, consider the preferences and shades of the room in your house because each style can highlight different concepts.

Some popular sofa styles nowadays are:

  • Traditional Sofa: Made by hand and has luxurious and elegant decoration
  • Camelback Sofa: The backs of the sofa have a hump with a slim rolled arm
  • Chesterfield Sofa: A formal sofa that has a low back, was first discovered in the 18th century
  • Daybed Sofa: Looks like a mattress with a back on the head
  • English Roll Arm Sofa: Its back can be lying down with an in-depth seat
  • Contemporary Sofa: The design tends to be simpler and slim, where the majority of the frame is behind the coating cloth
  • Family Sofa: its size is wide enough to accommodate many family members or guests
  • Modular Sofa: Each part of the sofa can be arranged according to the user’s wishes

Selecting a Fabric Sofa

When selecting a sofa fabric or material, ensure it is restful and secure so anyone can use it. You can adjust the color, design, patterns, and preferences. Remember, the fabric must likewise be effortless to cleanse when dirty.

Some sofa fabric that you can consider are:

  • Cotton: More efficient, not quickly vanish, and has a variety of patterns
  • Linen: The fabrics are looser and dry when exposed to water
  • Velvet: The surface is smoother and can give the impression of luxury
  • Chenille: Similar to velvet, but a little thicker
  • Microfiber: The textiles are invulnerable to stains and can deliver a suede-style appearance
  • Leather: Luxury materials that are invulnerable to water stains, soft, and still suitable for long-term use

Each type of fabric above has advantages, so you can consider it to fit your necessities.

Selecting Sofa Fillings

Sofa fillings influence the external impression and comfort while someone is sitting on it. Therefore, determine each characteristic to find the suitable filling for your ideal sofa.

Some popular sofa fillings today are:

  • Foam: Filling is the most commonly discovered and consists of three types such as high-density foam (more firm), medium-density foam (balancing comfort and support), and low-density foam (softer and gives the impression of drowning when occupied)
  • Fiber: Made from polyester, it can duplicate conveniences such as fur filling. The price is more affordable, with an endurance and softness guarantee.
  • Pocket Springs: high durability, making it convenient for you who wants the sofa to have strong support
  • Down and feather: Derived from fine feathers from geese and ducks. In addition to providing comfort, this material also highlights the luxury aspects of the sofa’s appearance.

Some of you may want all the benefits from each material to be put together into the sofa. Sofa artisans also understood this, so they provided sofas with mixed filling. This type of filling is also referred to as hybrid filling.

After understanding our sofa-buying guide, you can now go directly to Teakia to buy your dream sofas. We provide many beautiful sofas of various sizes and materials. You can also find a filling that suits your wants easily. For further information, contact us now!

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