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Outdoor Wicker Chair

RM 550.00

Key Features:

  • Premium Synthetic Wicker
  • Comfort Meets Affordability
  • Timeless Design, Multiple Colors
  • Longevity in Style


SERENA Outdoor Wicker Chair: Uniting Comfort, Durability, and Timeless Elegance

Discover the perfect harmony of comfort and durability with the SERENA Outdoor Wicker Chair. Crafted to elevate your outdoor experience, this chair combines a powder-coated aluminum frame with premium synthetic wicker weaving made from VIRO materials.

Key Features:

Premium Synthetic Wicker: The SERENA chair boasts high-quality synthetic wicker weaving made from top-grade VIRO materials. This ensures a durable, weather-resistant chair that stands the test of time, providing you with years of outdoor comfort.

Powder Coated Aluminum Frame: The chair’s frame is constructed from powder-coated aluminum, offering exceptional sturdiness while being lightweight and corrosion-resistant. The robust frame ensures the chair remains strong and stable even in various outdoor conditions.

Comfort Meets Affordability: Sink into a seat designed for relaxation. The SERENA chair provides unmatched comfort, making your outdoor moments more enjoyable. Achieve this luxury without breaking the bank; this chair is both comfortable and affordable.

Timeless Design, Multiple Colors: The SERENA Outdoor Wicker Chair features a timeless design that seamlessly integrates into any outdoor setting. To suit your preferences, choose from a variety of available colors that will complement and enhance your outdoor decor.

Longevity in Style: The SERENA chair embodies a timeless design that never goes out of style. Its enduring appeal ensures that your outdoor space remains fashion-forward for years to come, providing a beautiful seating solution that stands the test of trends.

Experience the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and timeless design with the SERENA Outdoor Wicker Chair. Choose your color, unwind, and let the chair redefine your outdoor oasis.

Outdoor Wicker Chair

RM 550.00
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