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Ming Chest of Drawers

RM 2,500.00

Key Features:

  • Chinese-inspired Aesthetics
  • Functional Simplicity
  • Spacious Storage
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship
  • Choice of Finishes
  • Effortless Upkee


MING Chest of Drawers: Timeless Elegance, Chinese-inspired Charm

Introducing the MING Chest of Drawers, a harmonious blend of modern function and traditional Chinese design, crafted to grace your living space with timeless elegance.

Key Features:

Chinese-inspired Aesthetics: Immerse yourself in the grace of Chinese design, as the MING Chest of Drawers captures the essence of this ancient and rich cultural heritage.

Functional Simplicity: Experience modern functionality with this chest of drawers, providing a practical and organized storage solution with a touch of Chinese charm.

Spacious Storage: Boasting ample storage within its well-designed compartments, including multiple drawers, the MING Chest of Drawers ensures your space remains organized and clutter-free.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: Created in-house by skilled craftsmen, this chest of drawers is a testament to meticulous design and superior craftsmanship, embodying the spirit of Chinese artistry.

Choice of Finishes: Select from a range of finishes—Water Base, Teak Brown, Walnut Brown, or Dark Brown—to match your decor and enrich the beauty of the teak wood, all while honoring the Chinese design aesthetic.

Effortless Upkeep: Maintaining the MING Chest of Drawers is a breeze. A simple wipe with a dry cloth preserves its beauty, allowing you to enjoy its elegance effortlessly.

Invite the timeless charm of Chinese design into your home with the MING Chest of Drawers, where cultural inspiration meets modern utility.

Ming Chest of Drawers

RM 2,500.00
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