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Teak Sofa 3 Seater

RM 3,800.00

Key Features:

  • Classic Indian Design
  • Premium Teak Construction
  • Spacious Seating for Three
  • Intricate Carvings and Details
  • Versatile Elegance
  • Timeless Appeal


Introducing the Madurai Teak 3-Seater Sofa, a beautiful blend of tradition and comfort that brings the timeless elegance of Indian design into your living space.

Key Features:

Classic Indian Design: The Madurai Sofa draws its inspiration from the rich heritage of Indian design, boasting intricate details and a timeless silhouette that pays homage to the country’s architectural and cultural legacy.

Premium Teak Construction: Crafted from 100% teak wood, this sofa embodies the essence of durability and resilience. Teak, renowned for its strength and natural beauty, ensures that this piece ages gracefully, making it a cherished addition to your home.

Spacious Seating for Three: Designed with ample seating space for three individuals, the Madurai Sofa provides a comfortable yet luxurious experience for you and your loved ones, making it perfect for gatherings and relaxed evenings.

Intricate Carvings and Details: The sofa features delicate carvings and intricate details, showcasing the craftsmanship synonymous with Indian design. Each element tells a story, adding to the allure and authenticity of this piece.

Versatile Elegance: Whether placed in a traditional setting or a modern living room, the Madurai Teak 3-Seater Sofa effortlessly complements any decor. Its versatility allows it to seamlessly blend with various styles, adding a touch of Indian heritage to your space.

Timeless Appeal: The Madurai Sofa isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s a tribute to timeless Indian design. With its classic aesthetics and durable construction, it’s an investment that stands the test of time.

Transport yourself to the heart of Indian culture with the Madurai Teak 3-Seater Sofa. Immerse yourself in the comfort of tradition and let your living space reflect the rich tapestry of India’s architectural past.

Teak Sofa 3 Seater

RM 3,800.00
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